viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

She loves books!!!!

One of the things I knew I have to teach my daughter is the love for books. I totally love books, I have so many of them that I know I have to get rid of some but I think it is very important to read and learn and show children that there are other things to do, other than watch TV. Well, we went to the EXPO which is a big exposition here in Paraguay and one of the stands was from Atlas which is a big editorial and the salesperson showed us a collection of 8 little books that teach, numbers, colors, opposites, etc. they were so cute and Pepi loved them instantly so we bought them. Now I have to read 8 books everyday and she loves them!!! I´m so happy about that!

And this are 2 of the pictures that the book has:

They are so cute!!!

Have a nice day!!!

Books are the best!

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