viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

About me, 100 questions :)

Name::    Vanessa
Age::    27
Sex::    Female
Height::    1.65 m
Hair Color::    Dark Brown
Eye Color::    Brown
Body Type::    No answer lol...
Religion::    Mormon
Ethnicity::   Latin
Orientation::    Straight
Status::    Married
Color?:    Turquoise
Hair Style?:    My normal hair?
Food?:    Pizza
Soda?:    Coca Cola. I think I’m addicted
Alchoholic Beverage?:   Nothing
Store?: Shopping Mariano.
Mall?:   Shopping Mariano
State?:    California
City?:  Tustin
Animal?:    None
Movie?:    None
TV Show?:    Teen Mom
Book?:    If life is a game, this are the rules.
Music?:    Romantic and Celtic.
Song?:   Paseo
Band/Artist?:  Arjona
~This or That~
Soda or Juice?:    Soda of course
Music or Internet?:    Internet. You can listen to music on the internet 
Rock or Rap?:    Rock
Dogs or Cats?:    Cats
White or Black?:    Black
Myspace or Bebo?:    Facebook?
Cell Phone or I-pod?:   Cell phone
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?:    Straight hair
Lap-Top or Computer?:  Laptop.
Corded Phone or Cordless?:    Cordless
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?:    Mountain Dew
Pen or Pencil?:    Pen
MP3 Player or I-pod?: None
Phone or Internet?:    Internet
Single or Taken?:    Married
School or Work?:    School
What do you do on your spare time?:    Using computer – Sleep, watch TV, go to the mall.
What do you wish you had more time for?: Scrapbooking.
Whats your usual clothing style?:    Normal
Whats your usual hair style?:   Pony tail.
What are you wearing?:    Not my favorite style.
Are you single or taken?:    How many times do I have to answer this MARRIED!!!!
If taken, by who?:  MY HUSBAND DUH!
Who would you die for?:    My husband and daughter.
Whos your best friend?: No one really.
How long have you been friends?:  Not very long, lol...
How did you and your best friend meet?: school.
Do you have any pets?: No
If yes, how many?: 
Do you plan on getting married?:    Yes but I already did.
Do you plan on having kids?:   I have one daughter and more to come someday.
If so, how many?:    2-8 lol...
How old did you wish you were?: 16.
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: at home.
Why?:    I like my home.
Ever gone Camping?:    Yeah and I hate it.
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?:    No
Have you ever gone water skiing?:    No
Have you ever gone water tubing?:   No
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?:    Yes
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?:    No
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?:   Yes.
Ever gone to church?:    Yeah.
Ever gone to a famous water park?:   Lagoon?
Ever gone out of State?:    Yes
Ever gone out of the country?:    Yes
When was the last time you left town?:   mmmmm, last year? I don´t really remember exactly I think it was last year in november.
Anything you got planned for this weekend?:    Yes
If so, what?: Sleeping and going to the EXPO.
Is this survey curing your bordom?:    No
Do you resemble anyone famous?:   Not really.
Are you related to anyone famous?: No.
If so, who?:   
Do you think your hott?:    Not really
Do other people think your hott?:    Ask them
Do you think your skinny?:    NO
Or do you think your fat?:    A little
Or just in between fat and skinny?:    More like that. But maybe I should go on a diet
What year were you born in?:    1984
Ever been on a blind date?:    No
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?:    Watching Discovery Home & Health.
What do you do in the summer time?:  Go to places.
Are you naturally tanned?:    No
Or are you kinda pale?:    Yeah.
Do you live in a house?:    Yeah
Or do you live in a apartment?:    No
What do you have on your mind?:    I am bored.
What time is it?: Time for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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