jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Why do I want to carry so much with me?
Well, the last 2 weeks have been kind of hard to me because Stefanie started day-care, with all the emotional hurt feelings I have (because she stills cries when I leave) comes a big burden. My purse and her little bag, my purse used to have a folder and plenty of stuff I don´t need but I carry everywhere, why do I carry so much stuff? Just to make sure that if I need something I have it, so later I won´t be like: ohhh I forgot this, my life would be simpler if I had it, well... I realized that the world doesn´t end in a day, or at least I hope so...So I only take my little bag with my ID and a little money that all goes on Stefanie´s bag that I leave at day-care so before I leave it I take my stuff and come to work. I feel better, lighter and happier. My back is probably healthier too. So don´t take so much stuff with you, you will always need something else and is not like you can take your whole house with you. Live a simple life, live a happy life.

PS: My car is not working so I use public transportation.

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