miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

#4 The day you left home to make a home of your own.

My home for 17 years.

My home now, I don´t have a picture of the front but this is part of the yard.
   The day I left home to make a home on my own or in this case with my little family was February 28th of the current year. Now that I think about it should have been a sad day but it wasn´t, I think it is because I like change so much, I have lived in The United States and Argentina so it was a good change and also because my parents were moving too, so they were starting something new as well. I loved my house I lived there for 17 years and it was perfects but I was starting my little home on my own inside of my house because in my bedroom I had a little room that was suppose to be a place for my clothes but my stove and my fridge were there so we were very independent already.
I am thinking that I chose to live a simpler life, to have a smaller house so I don´t have to spend all day cleaning, I rather spend time with my husband and daughter. The day I started a home of my own was a happy day because I feel that I am independent and I can achieve so many more things in life and fulfill the potential of my home but especially of my life.

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Johanna dijo...

Thank you for particpating, there is no better feelng than finally gaining your independence.