sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Project Life Week 3

English Translation.

1. We bought a carpet for the girl´s room, I love it because it is not only beautifull but it also teaches them stuff, like animals, letters and numbers.
2. On Sunday, Stefanie and her daddy made a kite and they had a lot of fun making it fly.
3. Stefanie enjoys her toys, in this picture he is with one she received for children´s day last year and in the other one with her favorite toy which is a musical jiraffe she received in her first birthday, 2 years ago.
4. I love all the stuff about bees, if I find something with a bee in it and it is necessary I can´t resist and I buy it. That´s why I bought this poncho towel that is a bee, I love it!
5. In this pregnancy I die for sweet things, I loved this ice cream with cookies and chocolate sauce.
6. I´m so happy with the printer, I could print my first Project Life Pictures and coloring sheets for Steff, this things seem small and without importance but they really bring happiness to my soul.

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LeChele G dijo...

Que buenisima tu projecto. Me encanta que parece como una hoja de scrapbook. Son buen recuerdos, no solo para ti, pero para tu hija tambien!