martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

#2 Your colors- Write about the colors that make up who you are.

This is a good topic to start with since is my first week writing for the Writer´s Club.
   The colors that make up who I am are: yellow, pink, turquoise and purple. There are a lot of colors but each of them have a meaning. First yellow, lately I am obsessed with bees and everything about bees is yellow, I like bees because in drawings they are cute but they are also really hardworking and have a purpose in their lives, I want to be like them. Then I like pink, it is girly, it reminds me of princesses and strawberry shortcake, it is a nice and tender color, I try to be nice and tender, sometimes it is hard but it is my goal. Then we have turquoise, like the ocean and the spiritual and relax life that I would like to have, only to worry about being the best that I can and most of all happy and last but not least purple, what a beautiful and fashionable color, it screams confidence and how pretty we woman are, I am a mix of those colors and I love it.

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