martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Stefanie, my 1 year-old I LOVE YOU!

Stefanie a year ago I went to the surgery room so they could take you out, I was so happy and nervous, I only had to wait some minutes to meet you in person, of course I knew you where there but to see your tender face, I loved you from the beginning and it reminded me of the love we have for our Heavenly Father that we don´t see Him but we feel his love, I was going to meet you sooner and you will be with me forever. When you came out you cried for some seconds, you don´t cry a lot, you were such a well behaved baby from the beggining, when I heard your cry I cried too and your daddy told me how beautiful you are, I couldn´t wait to see you and it was the most wonderful moment in my life when I saw you and gave you a kiss. Everytime I looked at you I cried to see such a perfect little baby, my daughter, my Stefanie...

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