jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

My word for 2012 is: Self-control

I chose this word because that is what I want to learn during 2012.

It includes many aspects of my life:
1. Food: I want to have self-control with the food I eat. I usually don´t think about the results of eating junk food all the time but I can see them, like being overweight and not feeling good, being too nervous, things like that. I want to think more in the long term and how I will feel I found a quote about it. There is always going to be junk food, it won´t be over just because I don´t eat it and I will feel much better.
2. Exercise: I have to exercise because it is good to me, it is the opposite of food, you feel bad at first but you feel great after so that´s one of my goals even if it is just walking.
3. Money: I am very focused in money management and how to become debt free. I am going to think were I spend my money, many times I think I deserve to spend my money because I earned it but I use it in thinks that won´t make me happy in the long term, like food, we go back to the first item or fashionable clothing that gets old very fast. So I am going to focus on becoming debt free other than my house payment and manage my money better controlling my spending habit.
4. Scriptures: reading scriptures instead of going on facebook or watching TV will help me feel better and be in peace with myself and others.
5. Mother: If I am a mother with self-control I am more capable of teaching it to my sweet daughter so she will have the power to accomplish whatever she wants.

This is all from now, this is my word and I am going to work in an inner part of my life.

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LeChele G dijo...

I'm trying to do the same thing. Exercise and watch what I eat. As well as reading the scriptures. Love that cartoon at the end, by the way.