martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Teacher Certification Program always in our hearts!

Classmates! we did it! can you believe it? I can´t but it´s true! Do you remember when we started and we were over 30 and we introduced ourselves with teacher JC and the next day teacher Delia brought her bunny for us to introduce ourselves too, well, but time passed and we realized it was not just another course of the CCPA, it is THE COURSE and the number of students decreased and we worked so hard, we learned so much from each other and from our teachers and now we can proudly say: WE ARE CERTIFIED TEACHERS! and it´s our responsibility to share all we know and to get more and more knowledge as years go by. Please write as a comment any funny, interesting thing you remember about the TCP.
I will start: I will never forget making an interview to a bee and writing the conversation between 2 term papers at a bar.

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GaB dijo...

Actually we're 43 at the beginning of 1st semester and we ended up being 21 at 4th semester and, 15 the proud TCP graduated sts from Prom 2009. I will never forget the TP oral presentations, Belen's journals, staying up to finish the TPs during the last semester, JC classes (aaaall of them) many things. Cheers TCP Prom 2009!