sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

19 semanas

How far along? 19 weeks.

Baby’s Size: 15 cm.

Weight Gain:4 or 5 kgs.

Bellybutton: in and it never comes out.

Stretchmarks: just a million old ones

Maternity Clothes: Yes......all of them, I don´t fit in normal clothes and cute maternity are so hard to get.  
Names:  for now it is Lindsy. I think we will continue with that one.

Gender: It´s a girl, that´s what they told me last time but I´m so scared that they will change that.

Movement: Yes, it´s moving but not a lot yet.

Sleep: I have no problem sleeping, the problem is that I can never get enough I´m so tired all the time.
Symptoms: I didn´t feel anything this week, she is behaving like a princess.
Food Aversions: Nothing.

Food Cravings: Ice cream and empanadas de carne. 

Best Moments this week: Spending time with Steff and Rubén.

What I miss: Playing like a crazy person with Stefanie and carrying her in my arms.

What I am Looking forward to: my first pregnant Christmas.

Milestones: I feel my baby kicking a little bit in the lower part. She seems so healthy, that´s a milestone for me :)

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