miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

A new "me"! Una nueva "yo"!

Since my birthday I started taking more care of myself, I stoped eating sugar, everything made out of flour and coke, I lost 4 kgs as a results, then for my actual birth date I bought new clothes because my polka dot pregnancy shirts were keeping me back from progressing. I got rid of polka dots, I felt much better I started feeling that the old happy Vanessa was coming back. I loved fashion again. Then in January my friend Carolina introduced me to some shakes that helped her lose weight, so I started too and lost 5 kgs in a month, it was a great accomplishment, I found out that protein really is a helper in controlling anxiety. So I am a new person I am trying to continue my journey to a healthier life, sometimes I do good, sometimes bad but I keep going. I am learning about healthy habits, how to take care of my skin, many many things.I am on my way to be happy :)

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LeChele G dijo...

Felicidades al bajar el peso. Estoy procurando de tener una vida mas sana tambien. And really, buying new clothes is a great incentive and motivator. :) Espero que continues de lograr tus metas al tener una vida sana y feliz. Estoy re-feliz para ti!