lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Easter, new tradition, happy family Part 1

This year I decided to start the tradition of easter egg hunting and the easter baskets, I have done a lot of research of  what I should include in the basket. I have to post an old picture of 2002 from when I spent Easter in the States and Becky prepared a basket for me and I helped the children grab the easter eggs. I know the true meaning of Easter and I explained it to Stefanie but they are little just for a while and I want to make their childhood memories magical and so happy. So that´s the reason and I hope to repeat this year after year.
   Lindsy is 1 year and a month old so she got to put some eggs in the bag and it was so sweet.

This are the baskets and treats I prepared for the girls, it was so exciting to prepare everything. 

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