domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Fabric markers? yes, please!

Even though I am not sharing my creative projects as often as I used to, I keep working on many projects especially with my girls, well with one of them because the other one is still too young to be involved, soon she will join our creative days. Well, I found Crayola fabric markers, I was going to order them online because I never found them in my little country but they were waiting for me at a fancy supermarket, well, markers plus a white t-shirts,means lots of fun for me and my daughter, enjoy the pics and leave a comments :)

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LeChele G dijo...

Los marcadores para las telas son muy divertido para los ninos. Y parece que uds tuvieron mucho divertido. Una de las navidades algunos anos atras, mi cunada nos regalo diferente tipo de ropa que mis sobrenios han decorado con los marcadores :). Su camisa aqui es una obra maestra!